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Date Night at Koval Distillery, Chicago

One of the reasons I have come to love How About We for Couples is the fact that the dates they offer are unusual and different. Most couples get into the same old rut of dinner and a movie, but my husband and I like things that are "different". We like to experience new things together.

 Our most recent date, today, was a tour of Koval Distillery, which is located in Chicago. I know, you had no idea there was a craft distillery on Chicago's Northside right? Well, there is and it is awesome. 
Koval is not your typical mass producing distillery. According to their site "Koval produces organic whiskey, liqueurs, and specialty spirits in Chicago's first distillery since the mid-1800's."
Koval has a nice variety of spirits to choose from.
Walking in the door, Koval's is charming and intriguing. The tour guide we had was fantastic, witty and extremely knowledgeable. I had researched Koval's prior to attending the tour and was happy to hear our guide speak about the history of the name, the business and the founders as well as the process they use in making their spirits. 
There was a full explanation of how all the spirits are made and what can make each type of spirit taste different, from the grains they use to the barrels they use.My husband and and I have done other tours, including the Jack Daniels tour in Tennessee. This tour was much more intimate and it was nice to see a company that believes in hand crafting. Everything they do is done by hand (minus the labels, although the machine is still hand operated. 

Another nice thing about the tour at Koval was the chance to sample the whiskey, bourbon, and liqueur along with tips on what they can be used in.
My husband and I really had a blast on our afternoon tour at Koval and plan on enjoying our coffee liqueur and orange blossom liqueur, well, as long as they last, which I have a feeling won't be too long! (I also couldn't resist a cute t-shirt!!).
I won't recommend a place unless I really believe in the quality of the experience.....go visit Koval Distillery.com and plan a date! You will love it.